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Agricultural Research Services

We conduct agricultural field research.  We specialize in efficacy and GLP trials on field crops grown in southern Idaho.

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Current Pest Alert Information

Get the latest updates on crop and crop pest news and problems important to southern Idaho.

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Crops We Study

We conduct efficacy and GLP research on potatoes, sugarbeets, small grains, dry beans, and other crops.    

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Experts in Agricultural Research

Potato Disease Evaluation Potato Disease Evaluation Miller Research

Miller Research LLC is dedicated to providing scientific research for the improvement of crop production.  Miller Research is operated by Jeff Miller, Terry Miller, Scott Anderson, and Trent Taysom.

Miller Research is a private research company that has focused on solving pest problems relating to crop production in the Pacific Northwest since 1975.  We perform contract research on potatoes, sugarbeets, beans, corn, alfalfa, and other crops important in the Pacific Northwest.

We conduct GLP work on the crops listed above in EPA region 11.

We provide consulting services for crop damage documentation and disease identification.