Pink Rot of Potato

Pink Rot of Potato

Pink rot of potato is caused primarily by the Oomycete pathogen Phytophthora erythroseptica.  This organism lives in the soil and infects potato roots, stolons, and tubers.  This disease can cause significant losses in the field and in storage.  More information on how to manage pink rot can be found in this section.

2012 was a relatively light year for pink rot in our research trials.  However, we did see significant disease control with phosphorous acid (Resist 57).

Many different tools are required to manage pink rot appropriately, including irrigation, fungicides, and post-harvest treatments.  This presentation outlines some of our recent research in these areas.

Pink rot and leak are damaging diseases of potatoes both in the field and in storage. Learn more about pink rot and leak management here.

You didn't make any fungicide applications to deal with pink rot.  However, in late July or early August you find some pink rot in the field.  Is it too late? Can you still apply fungicides and get some level of disease control?