Performance / Efficacy Studies

Miller Research has been conducting contract agricultural research since 1975.  

We have conducted efficacy and residue research on potatoes, sugarbeets, wheat, barley, alfalfa (newly seeded and established), canola, field and sweet corn, dry beans, green and dry peas, turf grass, lima beans, carrots, clover, onions, lentils, and red beets.  Research projects have included pest management (disease, insect, and weed control), fertility trials, and experiments aimed at improving cultural practices.

Efficacy research

  • Fungicide trials
  • Insecticide trials
  • Herbicide trials
  • Rate determination studies
  • Fertilizer performance trials
  • Application timing trials
  • Application method evaluation including simulated chemigation

We also have the capability to conduct field days, perform contract data analysis, crop loss documentation, and assist in troubleshooting crop damage scenarios.